Secure and Traceable Measurement Data for Industrial IoT environments

Digital Calibration Certificate Solution

With our Digital Calibration Certificate (DCC) Solution you can digitalize your paper-based calibration certificate processes and get machine-readable and re-usable calibration certification information for the manufacturing processes. This improves calibration process efficiency and maximizes data integrity and compliance.

Digital Device Uncertainty & Identity

Digital Device Uncertainty & Identity Module enriches the original measurement data by adding uncertainty information and authentication directly to the device and its data. With known data quality, traceability and data integrity are improved, and cryptographically protected data is secure to transfer.


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About us

We help the industry to ensure data accuracy, integrity and security in production systems

At CONTIOT we are passionate about quality, integrity and security of industrial measurement data. Our innovation and solutions rise from the metrology, cybersecurity and data market research, knowledge and experience. We all share the aspiration to pragmatically and concretely help businesses to improve their efficiency in their current environment and to enable totally new business models in data use and sharing in the future.

Current production and business processes are data rich and the original data often comes from a measurement device or sensor. Adding uncertainty information and authentication to the original measurement data will massively improve the data quality, enable full traceability and increases the use of the data.

We make your processes more accurate, more efficient and more compliant to the future standards and regulations. With our solutions you can make faster and more precise decisions on quality, process efficiency, maintenance and compliancy. Our approach prevents massively costly errors due to incorrect or missing measurement data, like throwing away months’ worth of production, being blocked from a market or broken critical machinery.

Please feel free to contact if any of this and our solutions resonate and let’s build your future better!

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